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Aktualisiert: 20. MĂ€rz 2020

Everywhere is on lockdown at Port Royale and the rest of the Canaries. All schools, shops, bars, and restaurants are closed until further notice (2 weeks plus) except supermarkets and pharmacies and banks. Any people out must walk at least 2m apart, going to work etc. All businesses closed to the public.

The pool area has been locked down for at least 2 weeks no pool / sunbathing etc all gates padlocked. All beaches closed and taped off. Mercadona has security guards on doors only allowing a few in at a time and everyone must wear plastic gloves - issued free.

We had a visit from the National Police who were very impressed with us, we got two ticks on his check sheet with, a promise that he would be back at intervals to check that we were maintaining the shutdown.

We have put a striped tape barrier in the office to prevent people from approaching the desk area, which has now been moved to the door to stop people gathering in the office. Laminated signs on all the pool gates in English and Spanish and all gates padlocked with barred off access to the water machine from the southern gate only.

Latest instruction from the government is that of next week all hospitality suites (Hotels etc) will be closed for three months.

Updated 1 pm, 18/3: There has been a jump of 32 cases in the last 24 hours in the Canaries. From 138 yesterday we now have 170 active cases in the islands, 73 of whom are in hospital, and 17 of those are in ICU beds. We have eight cases in total recovered and discharged, and sadly now three deaths, all women who had significant underlying issues.

Police detect more than 200 breaches of emergency rules

Posted: 12:14, March 19, 2020 by TenerifeNews

Police in Tenerife has been cracking down on the State of Emergency “curfew” rules imposed by the Spanish Government.

Since March 14th when the regulations were imposed, they have dealt with more than 200 breaches, including that of a British woman who hit the headlines when she dived into the swimming pool of a Los Cristianos hotel when police arrived.

Other breaches have included playing sports, opening shops when they should be closed, wandering the streets without proper reason, walking a dog after travelling to a different town, having a soccer kick about in an open field, sunbathing on the beach and being out and about in public places when this is prohibited.

The State of Emergency laws say you can only go out if travelling to work, if you are going to the bank or chemist, walking the dog (one person), going to the airport to return home or visiting an elderly relative in need. It's allowed for an individual person to go to food shops to buy food.

The security forces are stressing that these rules apply to all citizens and any remaining holidaymakers on the island

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