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First, thanks to all the owners who had expressed the need to get our original website back. Unfortunately, due to events out of our control, the original site could not be brought back to life.

In view of that, I spent many hours on WIX, a website builder and with their support I have developed this website. I also want to point out that this website is for all the owners on Port Royale, it is OUR website.

It’s been designed as a blog site with a few additions, so how do you use it.

Top left: My email address if you want to suggest or submit articles or suggest changes.

Top right: The navigation buttons, to go direct to, rather than scrolling.

Middle left: Rules & Regs button, opens, in separate a page, a pdf of the current Port Royals Rules & Regulations and is downloadable.

Middle right: Latest News button, as above opens in a separate page and downloadable, at the moment it’s the AGM notice, next will be the Presidents Annual Report to the owners. It will also be used for breaking news and information that owners need to be aware of.

Blog Area

Blog description buttons: Where there are many articles on a subject a subject button will appear for you to go direct to, rather than scrolling.

Search: you can search for articles using the search area to the right.

Login / Signup: If you are new to the site and sign up, you are requesting to become a site member. If authorised you will be notified by email and will have the ability to add comments to blogs. On your return to the signup page, complete the fields and click Login.

Name & Email: Above the gallery, if completed puts you on a mailing list.

Contact: Bottom left is an email message system to contact the owner's office at Port Royale.

Subscribe: Bottom centre adds you to a mailing list if you do not wish to be a member.

Let's Chat: (smile or frown emoji) not sure how that works yet so it’s off for the moment.

Author: Mick Hudson.

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