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Aktualisiert: 7. MĂ€rz 2020

At the Annual General Meeting, an owner past on some information, regarding his contents insurance, that might benefit us all.

When a claim for repairs, is raised with your insurer. Your insurer will discuss with, Port Royale's insurer. To decide who is responsible for, carrying out the repairs. This can and does at times lead to, arguments and lengthy delays.

Port Royale's insurer is MAPFRE: PĂłliza n* 076-9680141069

Knowing that MAPFRE is the building insurer for Port Royale. He approached them and asked if he could purchase contents insurance from them if his address was an apartment on Port Royale, they said yes and he did.

One aspect of contents cover that you will need to declare is if you rent it out even to friends and family the add-on is quite cheap but not to declare the risk could leave you with no contents cover if tenants damage or steal contents.

The benefits of this move are, that your policy, will be annexed to Port Royale's insurance. If a claim is raised for repair work, there is no more arguing, it's one company. Their builders, already know the intricacies of the building. The insurance in his case was cheaper than the competition.

Michael Hudson


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