🇬🇧 Swimming Pool: Community Rules & Government Regulations.

Community Rules:

1. The swimming pool shall be for the use of residents, and a limited

number of guests only.

2. Airbeds, other large inflatables and balls shall NOT be used in the pool.

3. Communal sun-beds may not be reserved or removed from the pool


4. Children shall be kept under control at all times.

5. In the pool and surrounding areas, children under age 6 shall be

accompanied and supervised by a parent or guardian.

6. Use of the swimming pool shall be prohibited between the hours of 7 pm

(19:00) and 9 am (09:00) the following morning.

7. There is NO LIFEGUARD and use of the swimming pool shall be at the

user's risk.

8. On occasions, the swimming pool shall be closed for periodic


Government Regulations:

1. Drinking Glasses and or Glass Bottles or Containers are Prohibited

(Banned) from the pool area.

2. The pool area must be gated off with self-closing and latching gates in

order to keep underage children and animals out of the pool area and

the gates are to be locked between the hours of 7pm (19:00) and 9am


3. Children under the age of 6 are prohibited without a parent or guardian.

4. In the hours of darkness, the pool area and pool are to be illuminated.

The lights under the pool surface are there to enable the detection of a

body at the bottom of the pool.

5. Serviceable life belts.

6. Sanitation, water quality, showers, first aid.

So why the rule on Airbeds, other large inflatables and balls.

Firstly: The pool is small and is only licensed for a capacity of 29 persons

at any one time. Putting an airbed or another large floatation

device on the surface restricts everyone else’s use to the pool.

Throwing balls across the pool is an annoyance and hindrance

to other pool users.

Secondly: Children have died under or because of the presence of these

items in the pool, in the following way.

1. Jumping in, coming up under the inflatable, panicking and not being

able to surface, drowning.

2. Running from the side of the pool, jumping to get onto the inflatable,

landing and being flipped over by the inflatable moving rapidly away,

hitting their heads on the edge of the pool as they enter the water, with

the greatest possibility of being rendered unconscious. The accident is

not seen, the child is in the water, unresponsive, helpless and dying.

It has happened often in Spain.

That is why the Spanish Law takes the view that every adult at the pool has the responsibility to safeguard every child no matter whose child it is.

You may not be aware that in the 1980s the huge number of child deaths in the swimming pools of hotels and complexes on the Spanish mainland caused an outcry that forced the Spanish Government to improve the laws relating to the use of pools. Unfortunately, it has not gone far enough. The most recent figures from the WHO (World Health Organisation) and an important point to note here is that any prosecution against any individual comes under the individual countries laws, not an EU guideline or regulation. This is why the Spanish Governments response is now hugely relevant. It appears that the Spanish Government is finally going to react to its drowning data, the most relevant being that Spain has the 4th highest mortality rate of drowning in swimming pools in the world. The World Health Organisation has finally shamed the Spanish Government into action.

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