Dear Owners,

We are preparing to open the swimming pool area.

The new gates have now been completed together with new locks and keys.

You will need a key to both gain entry to, and to leave from, the pool area.

Keys will be issued to owners only. Owners will be given 1 key per apartment issued free of charge. Owners can purchase 1 extra key for €35 if they so wish. No more than 1 extra key can be purchased. Owners that have renters or holidaymakers in their apartments are advised to secure a deposit from occupiers sufficient to guarantee the return of pool access keys.

Written authority containing the owner's printed name, signature, and passport or I.D. card number will be required before any key is issued to any renter, holidaymaker or agent with clear instructions as to who the key is to be issued too. NO KEYS will be issued without the owners written permission. You can email scanned in or photographed letters of authority to the office on .

NO KEYS will be issued to DEBTOR APARTMENTS until all money owing to the Community is paid in full.

In accordance with Government Directives access to the pool area will be by appointment only. You will be able to pre-book access slots at the office.

Appointment slots, of 2 hours duration, will be available from 09.00hrs, 11.00hrs, 13.00hrs, 15.00hrs, and 17.00 hrs and the pool area will be closed at 19.00hrs daily.

The pool will be opened from 09.00hrs Monday 27th July 2020.

There will be 11 stations each having 2 sunbeds positioned within the area which MUST NOT be moved from their locations. Your appointment will allocate a numbered location.

Only persons from the SAME FAMILY may occupy the 2 sunbeds at any location.

Owners that access their apartments from within the pool area MUST NOT use the pool area itself without booking an access appointment at the office.


Obey the pool area rules at all times.

Enter the pool area by appointment only.

Disinfect hands and feet at the entrance.

The ENTRANCE will be the North Gate - coming from the Office.

Maintain social distancing 1.5m at all times.

Shower before and after using the pool.

Sunbeds must be disinfected by users before and after use.

Disinfection sprayers will be available.

Sunbeds MUST NOT be moved.


At the end of your slot EXIT through the South Gate.

Disinfect your hands and feet on leaving the area.

The pool opening is on a trial basis, Covid-19 is still around. It is up to all of us to obey the above, stay safe and enjoy the facilities.


Derek Manning

President – Port Royale

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