🇬🇧 Summer Madness @ Port Royale

The school holidays are here and the little terrors have arrived! They also join the rowdy and sometimes drunk adults who make life a misery when they start shouting banging and arguing on and on. Driving their neighbours to despair all through the summer months.

Sounds hard but that's the way it is, kids must be allowed to run riot, drunks will get drunk and arguments will occasionally descend into violence. But are they bothered! "No, who are you, mind your own business, we are on holiday, we paid to come to this complex!” They say. Well no, that statement is only okay if you are on a beach, at a park, an all-inclusive hotel or a complex that has a tourist licence.

Port Royale is none of these, it only has a residential licence, it is a Residential Community where under the law, lettings for shorter than six months are illegal. Where friends and relatives are allowed to use your accommodation, but if money changes hands they become clients and the practice becomes short term letting and is illegal.

But unfortunately, people do rent out their apartments, not only to friends and family but to holidaymakers as well. They arrive, not knowing the rules, they take no notice of the signs that clearly outline the rules mainly because they think it's a Holiday Complex.

So it is important that all owners who do rent out their property as holiday lets, ensure that the guests are fully aware of the community rules.

Owners should be aware that any owner who is renting to holidaymakers/tourists short term without the specific licence from the Spanish Tourist Authority is doing so illegally.

There are no owners that possess the relevant licence on Port Royale. They will be caught out by the next campaign by the Tourist Authority, who issue fines of 18000€, for non-compliance.

The Tourist Authority simply scan the internet, as tourists do, to locate illegal lettings, they attend and get physical evidence and then act accordingly.

More importantly, owners that annoy their neighbours with troublesome holidaymaker tenants sufficiently are likely to have their activities reported much sooner than the next official campaign. We have already had enquiries requesting contact details of the Tourist Authority which are;

Consejeria de Turismo

DirecciĂłn General de OrdenaciĂłn y PromociĂłn TurĂ­stica

Servicios de AcciĂłn TurĂ­stica, InspecciĂłn y Sanciones e Infraestructura TurĂ­stica

Edif. Duque de Santa Elena – Planta 1ÂȘ

C/ La Marina, 19-21

38071 Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Tele: 0034 922 299 330 (if that doesn’t work, try 0034 922 473 500 or 922 924 041)

Fax: 0034 922 290 958

They speak most languages and if you want to research this topic more head over to

Select FAQ: Illegal Letting

Editor's note: If you are reading this on the Port Royale website and you have friends who are owners and are renting. You may want to inform them to also have a read of this. Why, well because neighbours who are already getting upset, already have!

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