Despicable Bullying Event in Pool Area

Owners will recall that back in July I had occasion to write a short article regarding certain individuals adopting a campaign of confronting members of our staff in an abusive, hectoring and unpleasant manner and I gave fair warning that if such behaviour continued I would name and shame the individuals concerned.

The pool area was duly reopened on Monday 27th July 2020, under government restricted conditions, greatly assisted by Alan Wall, our pool area supervisor, who increased his duties to make it work, replenishing disinfectant bottles and mats as well as regular disinfection of sun-beds etc.

From around the beginning of September all was peaceful within Port Royale for around 6 weeks as the majority of the infamous group of agitators had returned to the UK. About a month ago two of them returned to Port Royale and within a few days trouble began.

The following event occurred within the pool area.

One sunny afternoon Nigel and Michelle Brown positioned themselves on opposite sides of the pool. Michelle Brown in a loud voice began discussing, personal information regarding Alan Wall’s Conditions of Employment including his pay rate, what he should be doing and when so that everybody within the pool area heard her loud conversation. Lying on a nearby sun-bed was Alan Wall’s daughter who became very upset and distraught, which quite obviously, was the very intention of the Browns in carrying out this exercise. The event also led to a confrontation with Alan while he was consoling his daughter. While this type of behaviour is what we have sadly come to expect of these individuals this despicable bullying behaviour cannot be tolerated without calling it out to name and shame them and so that all owners become aware of this totally unacceptable behaviour.

Derek Manning

President of Port Royale

Editors footnote

What the President is referring to is known as passive-aggressive/bullying behaviour

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