🇬🇧 Small Group of Self Interested Agitators on Port Royale

Dear Owner,

Both I and your Committee have become aware, over many months/years, of a small group of self-interested agitators working behind the scenes against the best interests of Port Royale and of the owners as a whole.

Their latest action is to try to force the opening of the pool, before it is ready, for their own personal grudge campaign against myself and your Committee. I must say that I have never ever seen any of these persons in the pool itself, only in the corner of the pool area in a conspiratorial huddle.

They have decided to tour the complex and tell you a complete pack of lies to try to induce you to sign a petition demanding that the pool should be opened straight away.

Amongst other lies, they are telling you that they have not received any replies to emails sent to me regarding the pool, which is completely false and they know that.

I will publish my replies separately.

D J Manning

President of Port Royale

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