🇬🇧 Short Term Holiday Rentals

Owners, please note, that at present it is illegal to rent out your apartment short term as a holiday rental, without, a licence from the Cabildo(Turismo). We are informed that anything less than 3 months, is regarded by the Authorities as a holiday rental.

Port Royale, has been experiencing behaviour problems and damage, caused by holidaymakers. Who seem to think and say, that they can behave how they wish. This thinking is based on having paid for a holiday. Their behaviour is to the detriment of their neighbours and the Community in general. 

Owners, of problem apartments, have been approached regarding these problem tenants and holidaymakers, but their response has often been very poor, they are believing that they are immune from action.

From now on:

Owners, of apartments, with tenants or holidaymakers, causing damage, will be fully charged for rectifying the damage and if necessary, legally pursued, for payment. They will also be reported to the authorities for illegal letting.

Owners of apartments with tenants or holidaymakers, causing distress and annoyance, through persistent rowdy behaviour, towards their neighbours will be reported to the authorities for illegal letting.

Derek Manning,


Port Royale.

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