🇬🇧 Rubbish & The Prevention Of Infestation

It has come to the attention of the committee, that there is a growing problem with the handling and disposal of kitchen waste, from apartments.

Some long term tenants who know where the rubbish huts are have become lazy. They are not prepared to keep their rubbish indoors overnight. So instead of taking a short walk to the rubbish huts, they place the rubbish bags in the communal corridor/pathways outside their door or hang them on the gate.

Where they smell and fester attracting feral cats, who rip them open, scattering their contents and eating what they find, then leaving the rest to the growing army of cockroaches and the odd rat to continue feasting overnight.

By early morning when the cleaners start their rounds, they find the rubbish has been spread along the communal areas and into the gardens by the wind. Not a pleasant sight or smell!

Holidaymakers are another problem, it is not that they are lazy, it is that they do not know what to do. They leave their rubbish bags outside their doors, in the belief that members of staff are going to pick them up and dispose of them. Or they go looking for somewhere to put the bags. Only to give up and leave them outside the owner's office. Again, Not a pleasant sight or smell!

The committee would like to remind all owners that they are responsible for the actions of their guests, tenants and holidaymakers.

To assist us all in this matter, there should be in each of these apartments, a plan of the complex showing the location of the rubbish huts. If you know that there is not, or are unsure, then please send a message to the office so that we can take steps to have one placed in your apartments.

The prevention of diseases and infestations must be the first priority for a committee and all the owner's in a closed complex. We do not want to start putting rat poison down across the complex.

However, there has already been a sighting of two rats in the area close to the satellite dish.

Your help in resolving this issue would be most appreciated.

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