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16:19 14/06/2020

Dear Nigel,

Swimming Pool and Sunbathing Area At the moment Tenerife is in the third stage of the State of Alarm and I am informed that the Canarian Government (Gobierno) has decided to extend this stage and not to proceed to stage four as on mainland Spain.

The conditions that would be required to comply with, at all times, to open the poll area are/ were the following.

Limit the pool to 30% of its licensed occupancy.

Maintain 2m separation of persons within the pool.

Prevent the use of showers.

Disinfect all sun beds between each user

Mark out the sunbathing area using paint or sticky tape into 2m separation zones, for sunbeds, sunbathers, towels etc.

Disinfect all toilets and wash rooms a minimum of three times daily.

Disinfect all equipment, handrails, etc a minimum of three times daily.

There are those amongst us and a notable individual externally who seek every opportunity to damage Port Royale and we will not allow that to happen with regard to operating the pool area.

In view of the above, it was decided that it was in the best interests of the owners as a whole not to risk the imposition of fines and to keep the pool area closed until the State of Alarm was lifted.

We cannot close the toilets, as suggested by you, as it is a licence condition to provide them and I really cannot see an owner being very happy in having to jump out of the pool and run up to the top row at the back of the complex.

We as services providers cannot expect or legally rely upon others to carry out disinfection operations required by the Stage 3 Regulations.

You have much better sunbathing facilities on your own terrace than around the pool where you would be required to be on a sun bed at least 2m apart from everybody else, and keeping cool with fans or simple water sprays on your terrace is easy.

Other complexes that you say have opened their pools may well have full-time lifeguards employed due to their pool size licence requirements who are able to administer stage 3 conditions.

I am informed that the majority of pools in the area are still shut, waiting for the end of the Alarm State.

It is unrealistic to suggest involving Marisol to organise and run a pool ‘booking system’ and to supervise social distancing which would turn into a full-time job.  At present access to the office is restricted for safety reasons which also prevents people from entering and wasting hours chatting. This has allowed her to carry out her duties more efficiently while still providing full mail services etc. to owners.

The complex cleaning rota is at the minimum required to keep the complex clean. It is not sensible to suggest halving it to part accommodate a very restricted pool opening with its attendant ‘fine liabilities’.

There have not ‘been several issues with the pool not working correctly leading to it not been able to be used’. In January strong winds and cold weather caused the pool temperature to drop below normal but the solar heating system operated throughout. The old heat pump system was replaced with a higher capacity and more efficient system at the end of February. At no time has the pool been out of action / closed except for the Government ordered shutdown.

The pool opening date is kept under review but at present, we are looking for the lifting of the majority of the current restrictions before that happens.

Yours faithfully, Derek Manning

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