🇬🇧 Removal Of Trees From Pool Area

Those not at Port Royal and some who are will be puzzled as to why these well-established trees were cut down. The decision was taken when it was discovered that they had become too dangerous.

The tall Pine and two Palms had grown that big that their concrete based containments were no longer adequate to support them.

The waterproof tanking of the containments had broken down and no longer did the job of stopping water egressing into the fabric of the walls. Weakening them and allowing roots to penetrate outer and inner walls, also pushing them out. This would cause the collapse of the containment and the trees to fall. Cracks were already appearing, even after re-rendering. Unchecked the damage caused would be immeasurable in term of both the structure and life of anyone caught under the falling trees.

The two other huge plant containers within the pool area itself were suffering the same problem with the addition that trees had become diseased and initially had to be cut back to stop then dripping sap all over the new pool tiles. It was also found that one of these trees was, in fact, hollow and ready to fall, it was pulled over rather than cut down.

What of the future, colour is needed in this area, the surfaces will be cleared and replaced with decorative picon. On top of which will be placed, angled amphora's containing succulents.

Going forward, when the tree or large plant growth is found to be damaging the structure of Port Royale, similar action will be carried out.


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