🇬🇧Port Royale AGM 2021 has now been Cancelled

Dear Owner,

Under Government Ordered Restrictions all meetings are limited to 6 persons. Our normal venue for our AGM is closed for the foreseeable future.

Additional Government Restrictions from the 23rd November 2020 require ALL PERSONS arriving by sea or air to possess an expensive NEGATIVE PCR TEST taken within 72 hours before travel to Tenerife.

In view of the above, it has been unanimously decided by your Committee to cancel the Port Royale AGM 2021.

Other Communities have also cancelled their own AGM’s

The present Committee will remain in office until any future AGM.

You will all still receive a copy of the President’s Report, the Annual Accounts and the Auditor’s Report as normal in due course.

Derek Manning

President of Port Royale

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