🇬🇧 Our Super-Efficient Maintenance Man Strikes Again

In just 2 days he had rebuilt and repainted the wall by the Owners’ Office that was recently deliberately kicked over by a holiday-maker. Now Terry, our maintenance man, has fixed another serious problem, this time one of long-standing. After another sewer blockage (mainly wet wipes AGAIN), he and the President called in drain tracking equipment and together managed to detect a catch-pit beneath the tiled swimming pool surround which had been covered over and lain completely undiscovered since the complex was built some 34 years ago. This was of course almost completely blocked but, once it was cleared and the area reinstated by Terry, with a neat drain cover for future access, the problem smells had vanished and the area is pristine again. Another successful maintenance task accomplished on Port Royale.

Photographs of maintenance in progress by curtesy of Nigel Brown.

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