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Dear Editor Clearly you have no editorial control over what the president posts The most recent posts feature a private email composed by the group and forwarded upon Nigel Browns email account to members of the committee. It has been edited to make it appear it was the words of Nigel Brown alone This alters the reader's perception of what really happened and is another example of the bias shown by the president The original was signed off Nigel Brown for and on behalf of K and A Hyland M Brown and S Carter. When are you going to learn that the website should not be used by the committee to misrepresent facts or mislead readers? Another public apology required ie In a recent post by the president, the names of all of the authors were not added as per the original email resulting in it appears that the author was Nigel Brown alone when in fact it was clearly a group response. You can add your apology as you wish Nigel Brown Sent from my iPad

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