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Dear Mr Brown, Nigel,

I find your reply belies belief, I was criticised by you for publishing the Presidents post including the names and addresses of all your group, you had your apology for that. The next post in which you also criticised me contains all those you refer to in your latest post and I was asked to take that down, which I did.

The President then replied to your post, creating the need for the wider community to view all that was being said, in context with the original posts. In order not to cause more offence, It was necessary to edit the names of your goup out of the post, prior to the re-posting.

It has been posted and everyone can read the flow in the context of the conversation. You, now reverse your position and criticise me again.

You did the same to me when you, I and one who will be nameless were, the members of that failed intelligence gathering exercise, the Port Royale Audit Team (Scam) 'PRATS'

When it spectacularly failed in its objectives, i.e. didn't do what you wanted it to, you switched sides and spent your venom on an unsuspecting president and wound up the community. Just like now and this time it's all because like the rest of us, you do not have access to the pool.

(Any enquiries re the PRATS please contact me)

If you are not willing to go to the beach, then a 9x9x3 inflatable kiddies pool will fit on your balcony nicely, you're overlooking the pool area. You can have your drinks on one side, your comics on the other side, a knotted handkerchief on your head and an ice lolly in your mouth. As content as a Buddhist Monk.

But I digress, as the editor, I have to be diplomatic so I will answer your email thus;

Thank you for your email dated the 8th of July 2020. Your email of the 2nd July 2020 was published at your request on the web site and the President has duly replied using the same facilities as yourself. You wrote the email and standard protocol requires an answer addressed to the sender. It is entirely up to you to inform the people you sent it on behalf of, if you so choose, as to the contents of the reply that you received. Nothing has been edited. The owners are now fully aware of your views and of the President’s and Committee response and I feel that nothing further needs to be said on this topic. For that reason, I as editor am terminating this line of conversation.

Regards, Editor

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