🇬🇧 Dangerous Activities

There have been a number of incidents recently reported that could have had, but for good fortune, serious consequences for innocent persons.

One report involved an owner discharging large lumps of ice from a third floor balcony onto the entrance walkway of an apartment at ground level followed by large volumes of water. The ice could have caused serious injury to any person below. It is one thing for rain to discharge from balconies in times of storm when nobody is likely to be sitting below or have washing out drying it is an entirely different and highly anti-social activity to discharge balcony washings at any other time. Owners are asked to NOT carry out such activities.

During the recent strong winds, flower pots have been blown from balconies and smashed on walkways below. Any balcony balustrade higher than 2 metres from ground level MUST NOT have flower pots or other items placed on top of them without being securely fixed in position.

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