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January and February have been a busy time for our maintenance team, Terry and Pedro our new gardener/handyman. For those of you who are not aware, Pedro has qualifications as a gardener and a builder. His passion is to bring colour back into the overly green gardens of Port Royale. When he is not gardening and where the task requires more than one, he will assist Terry in the complex maintenance. This has just recently happened on two occasions.

It started when the support pillar attached to the side of the water reservoir access point, under apt’s 88-89 and between apt’s 82-83, started to crumble at it’s the base. Inspection revealed that over the years the structure had been absorbing moisture, from above the water in the reservoir. This had caused the steel re-enforcement within, to rust and expand, breaking off the concrete, weakening the support pillar.

The water in the reservoir is the complexes drinking water and dropping sealer in the water had to be prevented at all costs. To achieve this Terry and Pedro constructed a false floor at the bottom of the shaft and sealed it with plastic.

To repair it and stop it from happening again the steel re-enforcement was chemically treated to make it sound. And then three different types of waterproof render were used. The pilar was treated with HBEYEM a low shrinkage high strength mortar, for concrete repairs. It incorporates a chemically produced heat to set the render. The outside walls of the access shaft were treated with GEO LITE 40 an outside render.

The inner walls were treated with SIKA MONO TOP which is used for waterproofing the inside of reservoirs, when cured it turns to a form of glass.

When work was completed, the false floor was carefully cleaned and de-constructed without anything dropping in the water. The outside of the access point and pilar was re-painted. A delicate job and well done.

Replacement Of The Swimming Pool Tiles

We took the contractor to court over the unsatisfactory work done in re-tiling the swimming pool. The court directed that the contractor, replace 225 tiles, which he reluctantly did. He left and it was found that he had not finished off the tiling by grouting between them. This was brought to his attention and his attitude was that he had completed the task that the court had set him and was not going to come back.

Terry and Pedro have taken on the task of the grouting, and have been starting work early in the morning to stop the sun from heating the tiles and drying out the grout too quickly. The job is now complete, the pool remains open but unfortunately, Covid-19 rules still apply.

Michael Hudson


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