🇬🇧 An Upgrade For The Pool.

The president in his annual report made the following reference to the swimming pool heat pumps. The heat pump system is now 33 years old and had reached the end of its life. It will be replaced in the future with a more efficient system, together with the expansion of the solar heating system.

Those of you who were here towards the end of February would have seen, the heat pump side of this upgrade taking place. The new equipment was delivered, the old pump came out and the new ones went in.

The new system is intelligent, in that it monitors and regulates the inflow and outflow water temperatures. It heats up quickly and when it begins to get to the desired temperature it slows down. When it reaches its set temperature it switches off. It remains on standby, monitoring the temperature, until a drop in temperature, brings it gently back online to maintain, the set temperature.

Not only does this provide an even overall temperature in the pool. It has also created a massive saving in electricity, over the old system, which will pay for the whole installation in about 4 years. Pictures of the old and the new are below.

A further enhancement is coming in the next weeks, with work being done on the solar array. When complete it will further reduce the electricity used by the heat pumps.

An update to the pool area is also to be made by a complete renewal of all the gates.

You are aware that the gates are a legal requirement and over the years they have provided the ability to lock the pool at night. You also know that over the years, we have had unwelcome visitors wandering, into the pool area and using it as their own. Including two motorhomes, parked on the top road in the summer and using our facilities, for the past three years.

Now that many of the complexes around us have introduced, lockable gate systems, to keep unauthorised and unwelcome visitors out, they are now coming to us. Most of the interlopers, come from neighbouring complexes, opposite on the bottom road.

The new gates will have a key opening, from both sides and will be self-closing. No key means no entry or exit.

The keys are master keys and cannot be copied without the master key card. So if you lose it you will be billed for a new one.

Michael Hudson


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