🇬🇧 A Sign For Your Bathroom/Toilet

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The second page of this PDF is a sign for your bathroom/toilet. 

You can print the second page and place it above the toilet roll holder at eye level. You can also get a laminated one from the owner's office free of charge.

We have pulled out of the sewer system, disposable nappies, sanitary items, underwear, food packaging, bandages and wound dressings and several hundreds of wet wipes. The word flushable is a marketing gimmick. What people do not realise, is that once wet wipes get into the sewer they do not dissolve, as tissue does. They stretch and form long string-like structures that bind, all the items that they come into contact with, into one huge lump.

The brown strand-like structures in the photographs on the sign, are those elongated wet wipes, having bound together sanitary items, excrement and anything else that they have contacted.

Where you have lots of guests using your apartment, you may suspect that they could be flushing items down the toilet. If they are, they will continue to cause the blockages, that we are continually having to deal with.

A note for all owners is that they are responsible for the plumbing, from within the property out to its junction, with the community sewer. Any work carried out by the maintenance personnel, will be charged to the owner in question. 

Get a sign and put it up, it’s much better and cheaper to prevent these blockages in the first place. You might also leave details of where your guests can find the Rubbish Huts.



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